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Meraki Mentors is bridging the gap between professional women and young ladies ages 7+ to create lasting relationships.

A Non-Profit Mentoring Organization Built On Four Facets


Events created to promote the importance of education.

Financial Literacy

Events that teach the importance of managing finances.


Events designed to teach the importance & practice of self-love.

Overcome Adversity

Events designed to show the power in overcoming adversity.

About Meraki Mentors

Meraki Mentors is a Non-Profit Mentoring Organization founded in April 2017 in Saint Louis, MO. Meraki Mentors’ purpose is to connect girls, ages 7+ with professional women to create lasting positive relationships that promote education, financial literacy, self-love, and the power to overcome adversity. We intend to bridge the gap between our mentees and professional women that they can look up to through events, community service, and online forums.

Meraki is a greek word that means “to do everything with love, passion, and creativity; to put something of yourself into your work”. This definition ties directly into the love, passion, and creativity that we put into each and every event!

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